Welcome to our new EVISIT page!


Virtual visits are a type of visit with your doctor that does not require a face to face encounter with your physician. These visits are available only for established patients of Dr. Kristin Oaks Family Practice (that is, you must have had at least one prior visit with Dr. Oaks before requesting an Evisit). An Evisit may be used for specific problems, both new and existing, which do not, in the doctor's opinion, necessarily require your physical presence. Examples of possible topics for Evisits may include sinus infections, uncomplicated urinary tract infections, or follow up on well controlled chronic problems such as hypertension, high cholesterol , thyroid replacement. Please DO NOT use Evisits for acute severe issues such as chest pain, shortness of breath, internal bleeding, etc. Please DO NOT use Evisits for an acute problem that needs to be seen NOW (within a few hours), instead, for these visits please call the office or make an on-line appointment. The time frame for a response to an Evisit request is typically within 24 hours, but MAY take up to 72 hours on weekends and holidays.


At the current time, your health insurance company most likely does not pay for virtual visits (although many insurances across the country are beginning to include these visits as a covered service). If you are insured by Aetna or Cigna, or know your insurance covers an evisit, please note this in the additional comments at the end of your evisit. We will then bill your insurance. We are currently charging $35 for this service, payable prior to you accessing the Evisit service via a link to secure credit card processing from this web page. If your issue is not deemed appropriate for a Evisit, I may ask you to come in to the office and will refund your payment at that time or apply the payment to your copay.


1. Please click on the button below which will take you to a Paypal site where you may pay for your  Evisit using a credit card.
2. After your payment has been received, the payment site will redirect you a site where you can enter your identifying and contact information and the problem that you wish to address in your Evisit. You will then be directed to a questionnaire specific to your identified problem. You will be given the opportunity to review the output of questionnaire and to add any other clarifying information at the end of the questionnaire as regards your condition that you would like me to have, as well as to enter your pharmacy data.
3. You will then be contacted by Dr. Oaks, usually via email but possibly via phone, as to treatment/ follow up suggestions for your medical issues. Return contact typically will occur within 24 hours (but possibly up to 72 hours over weekends and holidays.